Education Prize Award for Block BMZ2023 ‘Kijken in de Zorg’

20 November 2019
The block planning group BMZ2023, ‘Kijken in de Zorg‘ as part of the Bachelor Health Sciences track “Beleid, Management en Evaluatie van Zorg”,  has won the Best Block Education Prize FHML 2019 within the Health Domain (three blocks out of numerous were nominated here).
This is really a milestone. This block is a couple of years ago complete newly developed within the revised Health Sciences Bachelor program. According to the Jury Report is particularly the field trip of a week in regional hospitals very well awarded by the students. But also the block organisation, the clear communication, the quality of the lectures and the tutors were highly apprecated by the students. 
The block planning group received their award from the Director of Education during a festive ceremony on November the 20th. We congratulate block coordinator Jolanda van Haastregt and her team members Michel Bleijlevens, Dorijn Hertroijs and Theresa Thoma-Lürken with this achievement.
Nomination Prize Award Best Tutor for Stan Vluggen
During the same ceremony Stan Vluggen was nominated for Best Tutor within the Health Domain. We congratulate Stan with this prestigious nomination!